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Welcome to the official website of Guangdong LVLE Building Materials Co., Ltd!LVLE specializes in producing customized aluminum veneers,Aluminum curtain wall,Aluminum alloy air conditioner cover,Aluminum square tube,Aluminum ceiling, etc。

Professional aluminum plate production and wholesale manufacturer

Years of focus on customized aluminum veneer design,Choosing us is not wrong!

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Guangdong LVLE Building Materials Co., Ltd

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Aluminum Ding Metal
  • Aluminum veneer manufacturer

    Famous domestic aluminum veneer manufacturer,To provide you with high-quality aluminum veneer、Aluminum curtain wall and other products

    Domestic well-known aluminum veneer manufacturers, to provide you with high-quality aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall and other products
    • LVLE has its own factory building,Simultaneously using fully automatic imported machines from Germany to better ensure product craftsmanship、Quality, etc;
    • Advanced equipment and technology,For customized products, delivery time can be guaranteed as scheduled;
    • As a designated government unit, our products are exported to both domestic and international markets。
  • Aluminum veneer

    direct deal,Higher cost-effectiveness

    Direct sales from manufacturers with higher cost performance
    • Professional service system in design、construction、Material supply、Provide the highest quality services for everyone in quality supervision and other aspects!
    • Annual production of fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum curtain wall50Over 10000 square meters and aluminum ceiling100A production and processing capacity of 10000 square meters。
    • The company\'s scale、equipment、In terms of functionality, it has been recognized by the industry。
  • Manufacturer of hyperbolic aluminum veneer

    The rigorous production process ensures product quality

    Strict production links ensure the product quality
    • LVLE has advanced testing technology and quality control system;,
    • Strict adherence to product materialsISO9001:2000International Quality Certification,The processing technology has a certain position both domestically and internationally;
    • "Quality first,Integrity first,First rate service"As the company\'s business philosophy,Created a high-quality brand。
  • Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

    High quality aluminum veneer、Quality of products such as aluminum curtain walls,Improved the company\'s visibility

    High quality aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall and other product quality, improve the company's visibility
    • LVLE covers Beijing、Shanghai、Chengdu、South China and other regions,Simultaneously supporting7*24Hourly logistics delivery、install;
    • Thoughtful after-sales service and regular visits,Solve some problems encountered during the use of aluminum veneer for you;
    • Improve after-sales service,One-on-one service,service24Hourly online,Better ensure your rights and interests。


Pragmatism-innovate-Pursuing Excellence

Guangdong LVLE Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of aluminum veneers,Aluminum alloy air conditioner cover,Aluminum ceiling”Aluminum building decoration materials”research and development,production,sales,A modern enterprise that integrates installation and technical services; LVLE Company is located in Sihui Dawang High tech Industrial Zone,have5A production base of over 10000 square meters,those under one\'s command5Home branch factory,Chengdu has2A production base of over 10000 square meters,The group company has various types of aluminum product mechanical processing equipment,CNC equipment200Remaining units, Cutting edge machining centers and large automatic electrostatic spraying production lines,And establish a professional design center。Establishing a company with assets,Supply,Sales and logistics support systems,Complete organizational structure,Current employees of the company1000Yuren Group......

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more+ Frequently asked questionsQUESTION
  • ask:Why do aluminum veneer quotations require engineering drawings to be provided?

    answer:The quotation of aluminum veneer is an important issue that customers are concerned about,The price will seriously affect the possibility of cooperation between both parties。However,In the process of aluminum veneer quotation, design drawings for building engineering are required,Why is this?Due to factors affecting the quotation of aluminum veneer......

  • ask:What is the process for signing aluminum veneer contracts online?

    answer:Many customers may have a certain degree of distrust or resistance towards signing aluminum veneer contracts online,Because they may not be clear about the intermediate process,Below is a brief introduction to the online signing process by Foshan aluminum veneer manufacturer, LVLE。Of course, the premise is...

  • ask:Why do I need to confirm the drawing and paint color number for aluminum veneer?

    answer:Thank you very much for your question,Many customers are not very familiar with the process of customizing aluminum veneers,The reason why customers need to confirm the aluminum veneer processing drawings and paint color card numbers,Just for reference during the production process。otherwise,Customers and aluminum veneer manufacturers......

  • ask:What is the quality of aluminum veneers from LVLE?

    answer:The aluminum veneers of LVLE are all made throughISO09001System certification,Equal quality products have better cost-effectiveness,product100%Reason for recyclability,Complies with national environmental standards。...

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